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Fire, Water, mold damage?

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire/smoke damage requires a certified firm of professionals like Banconn Enterprise Inc., to properly assess the damage and restore to proper living conditions.

It is critical for restoration professionals to addressed the disaster in full and from start to finish. There are a number of elements in the process that requires special attention to ensure that the remediation has been adequately performed.

Different types of fires produce different residues. The preliminary inspection will determine the method and process to properly tackle the damage. Each job is individually different and will vary on how to properly repair any damages. We will pick and select the right methods and equipment to use. The cleaning solutions and method is also important.

We offer:

24/7 Emergency Services

Free estimates.

We will clear, secure, and repair any damages.

We will dispose of all damage debris.

We will use the latest equipment and tests any areas for any contaminants on air and/or surfaces.

We will work with your property insurance company.