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Fire, Water, mold damage?


Fungi/Mold growth can cause poor indoor air quality inside your residential or commercial property. We now have the science and technology to eliminate mold. Mold spores can be harmful to one’s well-being and proper steps needs to be taken by certified technicians and well trained staff.

Mold growth generally is not always dangerous, in fact, every one of us breaths mold spores in small quantities on regular basis. This spores go airborne in search of nutrients and moister in order to reproduce and colonized. That is when real difficulties can begin.

We can order mold testing by a laboratory to see what species of mold is present and how much. If mold removal is required, we can provide you with a FREE QUOTE.

We will provide you with a FREE QUOTE

We will use the latest science and equipment to detect mold and determine the species.

We will set up proper containment control to further ensure no contamination on other areas.

We will use and follow proper protocols to clean all areas.

We will properly dispose of contaminated material in accordance with laws.

We will repair any damages to normal state condition.

We will order a post mold testing to ensure the areas are clean and clear of mold.