Lead Paint Remediation in Folsom, CA

The lead paint remediation process is highly detailed, requiring protective gear and specialized equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires us to follow certain procedures in order to keep technicians and property owners in Folsom safe from the dangers of lead poisoning. Don’t risk removing the lead paint yourself. When you call Banconn Enterprise, Inc., you will have a team prepared to deal with lead paint removal, no matter the size or scope of the project.



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There are several different methods for lead paint removal. Each has its own pros and cons. Lead paint remediation is not a one size fits all job, so it’s important that we collaborate with you in deciding which method will be the best option for the situation in your Folsom home or business property. Some of those options include encapsulation, enclosure, removal, and replacement.

Lead Paint Remediation Options in Folsom

Encapsulation and enclosure are processes that seal in surfaces that have been contaminated by lead paint. These can be ideal options if the paint has not started chipping or deteriorating. With encapsulation, it involves coating the surface in a paint-like material and creates a watertight seal. However, if the surface is something that is in repeated use, like a door or window, the material may not hold up in the long term. Enclosure involves putting up drywall and aluminum cladding. This is also a good solution, but the lead paint may one day need removal if renovations require taking down the drywall.

Removal Options for Lead Paint in Folsom

Two other methods for lead paint remediation are removal and replacement. With removal, technicians employ wet scraping or wet sanding. It’s too dangerous to do dry sanding or burning off the paint, and the EPA strictly forbids this as a lead paint removal method. As for replacement, this involves completely removing the affected surfaces from the property and replacing them with new material. This is considered more of a last resort and would be used if it’s been determined that lead paint particles have spread so much that removal can’t be accomplished.


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