Lead Paint Testing & Inspection Services in Folsom, CA

It’s important to have professional technicians address lead paint testing and inspection. Health officials agree that there is no such thing as safe levels of lead exposure, so it’s imperative that it is removed as soon as possible. At Banconn Enterprise, Inc., we are here to provide support through the entire lead paint testing and abatement process to home and business owners in Folsom and beyond.



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Lead Paint Testing in Folsom

It’s important to remember that our technicians will not perform the lead paint testing on the spot. We will be providing a sample of the paint to a third-party testing company that will confirm for us if there is lead paint on your Folsom property. By taking this route, we are upholding our promise to you, our customer, that we are not resorting to cheap selling tactics to get you to pay for services you don’t need. Once our third-party company has confirmed that you have lead paint on your property, we can begin determining the best strategy for making your property safe and lead-free.

Home and Business Lead Paint Inspection in Folsom

When you need a company that can supervise every step of the removal process, Banconn Enterprise, Inc. is the company to call. Our team of lead paint removal technicians is prepared to safely remove and dispose of lead paint in your home or commercial space. Keep you, your family, and your employees safe from the long term dangers of lead poisoning by hiring a company serving Folsom. Banconn Enterprise, Inc. can effectively remove lead paint from any part of your property in a swift manner.

Lead Paint Inspection for Properties in Folsom

The most important step in the process of getting lead paint removed from your home or commercial property is confirming its presence. In order to make sure that we are indeed dealing with lead paint, we must send a sample of the paint to the third-party testing site. Once the company has confirmed that we are dealing with lead paint, we will be able to come up with the best strategy for ridding it from your home or business property.


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