Commercial Lead Paint Removal in Sacramento, California

In the past, lead-based paint was widely used in commercial projects throughout the Sacramento area. You are most likely to be at risk if your building was constructed before 1978, and the risk almost doubles for buildings built during the 1950s. This means that many older businesses in the Sacramento area could be exposed to lead paint or other harmful construction materials commonly used at the time. Banconn Enterprise, Inc. provides business owners with high quality lead paint solutions throughout the Sacramento area. Call our reliable team today for superior commercial lead paint removal.

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Commercial Lead Abatement in Sacramento

If you own a commercial property built in the 20th century, the chances are good that it contains lead-based paint. Luckily, for Sacramento business owners, Banconn Enterprise, Inc. does it all, from facilitating testing to following strict regulations for removal of all toxic lead particles. If you’re unsure about lead in your commercial space, Banconn Enterprise, Inc. is ready to help. We provide Sacramento business owners with dependable 24/7 solutions. Call us today for commercial lead paint removal anywhere in Sacramento.

Commercial Lead Paint Service in Sacramento

If you own an older commercial building in Sacramento, the chances are high that some rooms and areas have lead fixtures or paint. Banconn Enterprise, Inc. offers business owners access to extensive lead paint testing. Proactive lead testing is critical to ensuring the health of your customers and personnel. Whether you are just being cautious or you need serious work done, our crew in the Sacramento area provides comprehensive service, so rest assured there’s no job we can’t handle.

Sacramento’s Trusted Lead Removal Experts

Banconn Enterprise, Inc. has been providing Sacramento business owners with comprehensive commercial lead paint removal service since 2011. In just a few short years of operation, we’ve earned a reputation as a company you can trust. We’ve done this by providing a new approach to an old-school process. We develop functional, long term business relationships with our commercial customers so that we can provide better care overall. Not only are our commercial lead paint removal services affordable, but also by the end of your experience, you’ll have a company you can always rely on!

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Banconn Enterprise, Inc. is a locally owned construction and restoration company that has been serving Sacramento since 2011. Our contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded so that you know you will receive hassle free, quality, service. From commercial and residential cleanups to restoration services, you can trust that we can handle your project from start to finish — regardless of the size or scope. We strive to be a valuable resource in Sacramento, which is why you can reach us 24/7.

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